About the Photographer

My name is Caron Rich and I am a professional portrait photographer located in Lavonia, Georgia. I specialize in photographing children & families both in-studio and on location. In June of 2000, I graduated with a degree in Commercial Photography with a specialized area of study in Portraiture. It was then that my hobby became my job, and my job became my hobby.

Caron Rich - Master Photographer for Rich Beginnings Photography in Lavonia, GA - Located on the border of Georgia and South Carolina

My parents gave me my first camera when I was about eight years old. It was a lovely little 110mm Kodak Instamatic Pocket... with a blue button... which happened to be my favorite color. I was instantly smitten! From that day on I was always on the lookout for someone or something to photograph. Having always loved animals and children, I discovered early-on that their personality and character made them perfect subjects. They were full of life and always on the move... and the challenge only added to the fun!

When I started college, I was a little uncertain about my future. I decided to major in early childhood education and work towards teaching elementary art. I thought teaching was something I would enjoy because, well… it involved children. However... doubt continued to circle in my head. The only thing I was certain of was my plan to one day become a wife and mother and raise a family of my own. I didn't want to start a profession only to abandon it completely after I married and had children. Fortunately, a good friend offered some advice that made my plans for the future crystal clear. She said 'Never loose sight of what's most important to you. You need to find something that you love to do... and then find a way to make money at it.' This simple advice completely changed my direction. I knew that I loved photography... and what better job for a mom to have? After one year at North Georgia, I decided to change colleges and pursue a degree in photography.

My friend's advice couldn't have been more right! I love what I do! It was absolutely the best decision for me... and for my family! My husband Michael and I have been married for almost ten years now, and we are the proud parents to two beautiful children... a daughter Allison who is five, and a son Wyatt who is two. (And yes... they are quite possibly the world's most photographed kids!)

My mission is to help you capture every stage of your child's life through beautiful portraits, and help to preserve the precious moments that you and your child share. My goal it to provide you with natural, elegant photography that reflects and fits your style and the way your family celebrates life.