Photo Re-Touching

Typical Time Requirements:

  • Swap Heads (approx. 15 minutes)
  • Open Eyes (approx. 15 minutes)
  • Advanced Blemish or Baby Acne Touch-Up (approx. 30 + minutes)
  • Masterpiece Retouch (approx. 30 minutes)

We know things aren't always perfect, but why not have it look that way?

Boo-boo's happen. So lucky for us there's Photoshop! Portrait retouching is a great way to fix the scrapes, scratches, and other 'boo-boos' that have a way of happening right before picture day. Print prices from regular sessions do come with minor retouching, which includes small skin blemishes as well as any scuffs that may be visible on the backdrop. 

Touch-ups that are more extensive naturally require more time, and therefore require a hourly Photoshop fee. Extensive retouching, such as baby acne or 'head-swapping' are available upon request. Please feel free to ask any specific questions about portrait retouching, as each case is unique.

Photoshop Hourly Rate is $60 / hour 
(Billed in 15 minute increments)

Here are a few examples of the Photoshop services available to correct potential problems, along with the approximate time it takes to perform the repair.