Session Info Sheet

We want to get to know a little bit about you! Please submit this information sheet before you come to your photography session. The information you provide will help to ensure we get just the look you want. It will also help us to select your backgrounds & gather any special props for your shoot. If you plan to bring anything of your own, please make note of it in the comments section. Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you!

Please note that this Session Info Sheet is intended for clients with confirmed appointments, and is not to be used to schedule an appointment. To request an appointment time, please contact the studio directly at 706-356-5991.

Parent's Name:
Child's Name:
Please select a password that you will use to view your photos after the session. Please do NOT use a password that you use for private information - just something simple and easy to remember. Password IS case sensitive.
Contact Preference:

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Confirmed Session Date:
Confirmed Session Time:

How many people (at most) will we be photographing?

Please list the names & ages (separated by a comma) of the children who will be photographed in the session.
Occasion for portraits:

Please give a brief description of the outfit(s) that will be worn, as well as any special props that you plan to bring to your session.
How did you hear about Rich Beginnings Photography? If you were referred by a friend, please include their name.

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